“Apha”. “Aga”. “Aza”. These were just a few of the many vowel and consonant drills that could be heard coming from our training center in Colorado these past two weeks. The three of us along with 57 other International Workers have been training at Mission Training International (MTI) in Palmer Lake, Colorado, where we have been expanding our language acquisition skills, in preparation for language school. Just prior to MTI, we completed Pre-Field Orientation at C&MA Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The all-day classes at MTI, have increased the flexibility of our minds, ears and mouths, as we learn to make unfamiliar phonetic sounds beyond that of the standard 44 contained in the English language. We are now half way through our month of training. Phonetics is complete and the next two weeks will contain inter-relational and cross-cultural training.

Click on the 1 Second-a-day video below, to get a glimpse of life on campus the past 2 weeks.


A huge thank you to our financial support partners!

We have reached 30% of our required Recurring Support

and 131% of our required One-Time Support!



We will need to receive commitments for the remaining $3,489/month by DECMEBER 1 2018, in order to leave for France at the end of December.

If you feel led to partner financially with us in our ministry at Bongolo Hospital, click here for information on ways to give or contact us via e-mail for more information.


Matthias- helping to clear out our belongings to get ready for Gabon : )


A BIG Shout Out to the kids Sunday School at Hillside Chapel in Dayton Ohio! We got to spend some time with them on October 14th, they are praying for us and raising support for “TEAM EDMAN” with the goal of raising $300! We are blessed to partner with these kids to join God’s ministry in Gabon!



We will continue training in Colorado until November 16th, we then fly directly to Iowa to continue to share what God is doing in Gabon and to raise prayer and financial support.

Please pray for us as we apply for our France visas. Please pray that our documentation would be accepted and that the visas would be processed quickly.

Thank you for walking alongside us on this journey!

~Christopher, Amanda, and Matthias

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